Veneers/Lumineers/Durathin Veneers:

A veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or to protect a tooth’s surface from damage. There are two main types of material used to fabricate a veneer: composite and dental porcelain. A composite veneer may be directly placed (built-up in the mouth), or indirectly fabricated by a dental technician in a dental laboratory, and later bonded to the tooth There are several brands of porcelain veneers available to cosmetic dentists that are strong enough to be ultra-thin. Conventional porcelain veneers are made to be 0.5 mm thick, minimum. This is adequate for most situations. But, there is a place for thinner porcelain. If it is thin enough, it may be possible to do a smile makeover with very little or no tooth reduction. Lumineers is the most heavily marketed brand of ultra-thin porcelain.